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Player cards and rain out info


Hey soccer players,

Player cards:

I know a lot of you didnt recieve your player card last week, and that is ok. The SCASA has been really busy and said they will get them to us ASAP.  So as of now the players without player cards are still good to play.

For those of you who have your cards PLEASE remember to bring them this saturday with you picture in it and signed, so i can laminate them for you.

Rain out info:

If it is raining we normally play. But please make sure to check the NEWS section (here) for the offical call on if it will be cancelled or we will still play.  I will not make 200 individule calls to players. I will call or text the captains of each team and it will be there responsiblity to contact each player on his or her team. But you will also be able to get that info right here.


Thanks so much


Myrtle Beach, SC
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