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season info


Hey players...

Just letting you know that i have been working on the schedules and they will be up saturday evening. I am just waiting on a rosters from a few teams.
In our mens D1/north divison we have 5 teams, so that means each week one team will have to have a by.

In our mens D2/south divison we also may have 5 teams, again i am just waiting on a roster from a team to make sure they are still playing.

In the COED divison i need about 3 more girls for one of the teams. So if you know any girls that want to play please let me know so we can get the individule team filled up! Right now we have 8 coed teams, as long as we can get that team filled up. If we cant then one team in the coed divison will have a by also.

Game times: I plan on starting coed first at 9 am, Mens D1 and Womens will play next, and the womens divison will get done in one time slot so then the mens D2 will start.

Any questions please feel free to contact me:

Myrtle Beach, SC
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