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Women's 7v7


* If you can get 10 players, you can enter as a team ($450). Which means each girl pays $45.00 + $20.00 player card (if they don’t already have one).



* If you can not get 10 girls then everyone pays the individual player fee of $55 + player card.

* Make sure your team has a captain because that is the person I will contact with news and details about games. Then the captain can relay the message to the rest of her team.

* Games are every Saturday morning now times to be announched. (if your team wants early games please let me know upon registration). Season is 8 weeks long plus end of season tournament. And there are tournaments that we can enter if available.

* If you are between 16-18 you must have a parent consent to play.

* Games are going to be played at coastal carolina university.

* Once money is turned in there are NO refunds!

* If a player misses more than 3 games there are subject to being dropped from their team. There will be a meeting with the league admin and the players team to decide what to do with the player. If a player is dropped from there team there is no refund and will be replaced with another player.

* Jersey shirts are provided to every player. Your team chooses your color and team name.

* Grand Strand Womens soccer plays a 6v6 format on small fields. Every team must have a goalie. Games are 50 minutes long. (this may change, I belive we are going to a 7v7)

* Every team must be able to field at least 5 players to play. If your team doesn’t have enough to play then your game is counted as a forfeit.

* Please note that there will be awards give out at the banquet for 1st and 2nd place teams, and high scorer.

* Before every match starting summer season, every player must present there player card to the ref, and be checked for shin guards and proper equipment. Each team will line up at the end line and the ref will go over the cards and equipment. Then will call team captain to center for coin toss.

* If you do not have your player card you will not be allowed to play in that game.

Myrtle Beach, SC
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