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Spring 2010

Soccer players,

I hope everyone is ready for the season to start in just a few days!

I have made a few changes, and if they go well then we will keep going with it.  The mens divison is split into 2 divisons, North and South. NOT A and B, because one divison is not better than the other.  Eventually each divison will be split according to team records and skill level. But for the first 2 maybe 3 seasons we need to figure out the top teams.


ALSO, no players will be added to any team now that the rosters are turned into the SCASA, NO exceptions!


And remember please have your players pass/card with you at EVERY game, the refs will be checking them before each match. NO PASS NO PLAY


any questions about anythign please let me know, and be sure to check out the schedules they are posted.


Myrtle Beach, SC
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