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Summer Soccer Players,




A few changes:


This season we will not have 2 mens divisons.  It will be combined into 1.  Also womens divison will play first along side the mens divison and coed will start after mens is over.  Games will go from 9am till 2pm.  We play at the YMCA market commons fields.

Also the playoffs will be on different days this season, to avoid playing till 6pm one saturday.


Things to remember:  You MUST have your player card to play.  If you do  not have it you can not play till it is presented to the ref.  (For those players who dont have theirs worries, ill have it for you at your first game. Please just bring a small picture that i can put inside your card.)

 Dont forget youll need to wear shin guards and socks to cover them, and soccer cleats of flats.  You can purchase them at Soccer Locker on Business 17 south of market commons.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Sarah Collins





Myrtle Beach, SC
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